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Break away from sick care and the arbitrary demands of insurance carriers.

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In 2003, I opened my first private medical practice – HealthGAINS. Although I’m not a doctor and did not come from a medical background, I had noticed that the traditional healthcare model seemed broken. Instead of concentrating on keeping patients’ health at an optimal level, most practices focused on keeping patients at a wellness baseline –  prescribing meds and insurance-related treatments to minimally treat patients just enough to get them back to baseline.

So with HealthGAINS, I set out to create a wellness center that would focus on optimizing people’s vitality by keeping them at optimal health levels, which would also provide our new practice with the ability to break away from the arbitrary demands of insurance carriers.

It wasn’t easy. There isn’t a roadmap available to help practice owners open or even transition to Vitality Care. Creating successful patient acquisition processes, identifying in-demand treatments, and simply hiring the right employees seemed impossibly overwhelming.

But I didn’t quit. Fast forward 22 years and HealthGAINS is now a premier Vitality Care practice.

Now, my goal is to help practice owners transition from sick care to Vitality Care with ease. I have the roadmap, and I’d like to share it with you. 


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My Experience

Everyone thought I was crazy when I started my first medical practice. I won’t lie. It was scary. And I made a ton of mistakes along the way. Luckily, you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Let me help you optimize your transition from the sick care business model into the Vitality Care model so you can focus on doing what you do best – help your patients achieve optimal health.


Vitality Connect

Vitality Connect is a proven, trusted platform that simplifies the business of starting, operating, and scaling a Vitality Practice.



FemiWave is a leading brand of shockwave therapy for female optimization and is offered by medical professionals across North America.



GAINSWave is the leading brand of shockwave therapy for male optimization and is offered by over 400 medical professionals across North America, Canada and more.



HealthGAINS ground-breaking age management facility led by expert medical pioneers  that treats thousands of patients nationwide.

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