My Experience

My name is Mark L. White, and my career journey is a living testament to the incredible transformation that can occur when you start a practice from the ground up. I turned my initial venture into the pinnacle of vitality care in South Florida and then further elevated my success with an eight-figure sale to Grant Cardone of 10X Health.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience, I have walked your path, and I’m here to guide you toward achieving the same extraordinary level of success. My expertise lies in helping practices scale efficiently to maximize their value for sale and navigate the acquisition landscape to secure profitable additions to your portfolio. Let me bring my wealth of experience and strategic insights to your practice, paving the way for your remarkable success story.

Years of Experience


Started HealthGAINS

I started my initial cash-based age management clinic.


Founded GAINSWave®

Established GAINSWave®, the leading brand in men’s sexual health shockwave therapy.


Achieved $1M+ Monthly Revenue for HealthGAINS

I strategically expanded my clinic’s operations to generate nearly eight figures in monthly revenue consistently.


Sold HealthGAINS to Grant Cardone of 10X Health

After a year of rigorous preparation, I achieved a monumental feat by selling HealthGAINS to the billionaire tycoon, Grant Cardone, for a remarkable ten-figure sum, etching a historic milestone in the annals of private clinic sales.

What People Say

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