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In today’s changing healthcare landscape, you may wonder, ‘Should I sell my medical practice?’ I’ve been in your shoes and understand the complexities. Whether it’s for retirement, growth, or a strategic move, I offer expert, customized solutions for an efficient sale.

Trust me to guide your smooth transition, respecting your legacy and patient needs. If you’re thinking of selling your clinic, read on.

Mark L. White

I was in this position not too long ago…

At 51 years old, with two decades dedicated to growing my original cash-pay clinic, HealthGAINS, I was at a crossroads. The idea of retiring, closing my clinic, and embracing more family time and travel was enticing. Still, after investing 20 years of passion and dedication into serving our loyal patients, it didn’t sit right with me.

I founded HealthGAINS to offer people solutions beyond traditional healthcare, empowering them to optimize their health and well-being, focusing on thriving rather than merely surviving on medications. And, of course, I had my concerns about retirement and its financial impact, given that I had transformed HealthGAINS from an ordinary age management clinic into one of the nation’s premier vitality care centers, generating nearly eight-figures in monthly revenue.

So, I began crafting a plan to allow me to transition out of my clinic while ensuring our patients continued receiving the care they relied on. Simultaneously, this plan needed to generate sufficient funds to grant me a fulfilling retirement.

Being entirely new to this, I found myself grappling with a multitude of questions:

  1. What is your clinic’s financial health?

  2. What services does your clinic offer, and what is the potential for expansion?

  3. What is your clinic’s reputation and brand value in the market?

  4. What is the demographic profile of your clinic’s existing patient base?

  5. What are the credentials and experience of the current staff?

  6. Does your clinic have any legal entanglements or regulatory compliance issues?

  7. What technology and equipment are currently in use, and will they need upgrades?

  8. What are the growth trends in your clinic’s locality, and how can you leverage them?

  9. What are the potential synergies with other existing businesses or practices?

  10. What is your exit strategy?

It wasn’t easy… and I made a lot of mistakes!

The journey was truly challenging. I felt lost, not knowing where to turn for guidance or how to kickstart the process. Nevertheless, I rolled up my sleeves and began by determining the value of my clinic. This involved a meticulous examination of our financial statements, a deep dive into patient demographics and retention rates, an evaluation of our assets’ condition and worth, and a comprehensive review of our contracts and legal compliance.

Once armed with these critical numbers, I enhanced my clinic’s aspects to boost its profitability upon sale. I focused on improving our branding, implementing processes to enhance patient retention, and elevating our marketing efforts to attract more patients. Ironically, this endeavor proved even more time-consuming and demanding than the recent years I had devoted to building my clinic.

After ten months of relentless dedication, my clinic was finally positioned to yield the highest profit upon sale. However, the journey was far from over. I hadn’t anticipated the complexities that would accompany the actual selling process. In hindsight, I realized that seeking professional assistance for this phase would have been wise. It took three months of legal paperwork, negotiations, and transition strategies.

Nevertheless, I eventually achieved the remarkable feat of selling HealthGAINS to Grant Cardone of 10X Health for a staggering sum. It was a remarkable turn of events, and, pun unintended, it was a valuation nearly ten times greater than my initial estimate!

The acquisition is said to bring in monumental growth and opportunity for both companies, as well as the chance for millions of South Florida residents to "get what the pros get"—Personalized Precision Wellness

Let Me Assist You. Here's the Process:

I was in your position recently, and I wished I had someone to guide me through my exit strategy. Let me be that ‘somebody’ for you, sharing the strategies and shortcuts I used to transition from my clinic while securing what you’ve earned for your hard work. We’ll follow a thorough process, ensuring every medical practice sale is handled with utmost care and professionalism. Here’s what you can anticipate when working with me:

Initial Consult

I’ll begin by understanding you, your practice, your objectives, timelines, and any special considerations.

Practice Valuation

I’ll initiate the process by conducting a comprehensive practice valuation to ascertain its fair market value accurately.

Promoting To Buyers

I’ll strategically craft a personalized marketing plan to effectively promote your practice to potential buyers.

Closing & Negotiation

I’ll guide you and the buyer, skillfully negotiating the transaction’s terms, overseeing a seamless closing process.

Download The Clinic Transition & Acquisition Checklist:

This checklist is designed to make your journey as a seller incredibly rewarding. Here’s how it benefits you:

  • Maximize Profit Potential: Uncover strategies to optimize your clinic’s profitability before the sale, ensuring you secure a top-dollar deal.
  • Attract Ideal Buyers: Learn how to position your clinic to attract the right buyers who recognize its actual value.
  • Streamline Legal Complexities: Navigate complex legal procedures effortlessly with expert guidance, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Revamp Technology Resources: Ensure your clinic’s technology is up-to-date and appealing to prospective buyers.
  • Harness Synergistic Opportunities: Discover how to leverage your clinic’s strengths to attract lucrative partnerships or mergers.

Ready to turn your clinic transition into a lucrative success story? Download our free checklist now!