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5 Things You Need To Know To Grow Your Practice

Never compete on price (I can’t stress this enough)! The best way is to brand your products and services or work with premium brands that are already established.

3 Parts Of A Successful Marketing Campaign Blueprint

The future of marketing, which we’re currently living in right now, has shifted to authenticity and engagement. You have to show your warts and avoid the traditional angle of being manipulative.

“To Avoid Burnout, Constantly Learn” With Mark White

He has worn hats as an entrepreneur, financial analyst, marketer, and venture capitalist. After realizing that doctors aren’t taught the valuable marketing, management, and business skills to open their practice and scale their business, he made it his mission is to educate and empower doctors to learn those skills.

Advice For Business Owners Who May Need To Hire A Lawyer

Brett Amron and Jeffrey Bast talk to Mark about the challenges of being a business owner and entrepreneur and the lessons he has learned in over 20 years of helping people live healthier lives. Mark shares some insights into his approach to hiring lawyers, from the importance of doing your due diligence to hiring specialists and having the proper protections in place to avoid litigation.